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Farmer Boy

Chapter 9: Breaking the Calves

Chapter 9 is more of chapter 5.  Almanzo continues to train his calves Bright and Star.  His father helps him braid a whiplash from moosewood that will last until the summer heat dries it out.

We don’t have any calves to train but we do have Princess Buttercup and Padme.  No worries, we don’t whip them; we have two dogs and one leash so I decided to use scrap material to crochet a dog leash.


Cut your scraps into long strips, approximately 2 inches wide, sew the ends together to create one long, continuous strip.  This calico has a little too much stretch; fabric that doesn’t have a lot of stretch is best.


Fold in half and press with an iron.

Crochet a long chain, create a large loop at one end for holding and leave room to tie and sew the hardware that hooks to the dog collar at the other end.  I purchased my hardware at Lowe’s.

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Little House in the Big Woods

Chapter 9: Going to Town

It’s now springtime in Wisconsin, Mary and Laura’s shoes have been oiled and put away; they run barefoot all day long.  Pa is planning a trip to town, Mary and Laura have never been old enough to go to town before now.  The night before they leave, even though it is the middle of the week, everyone takes a bath.  Ma wraps Mary and Laura’s hair tightly around rags so that their hair will curl. 

The next morning they dressed in their best stockings, petticoats and dresses.  They ate breakfast in a hurry, Ma washed the dishes and they began the seven mile trip, in wagon, to Pepin.  When they get to town “…there were more houses than Laura could count.  They were not made of logs either; they were made of boards, like the store.”

Pa parked the wagon by the lakeshore and unhitched the horses.  The family is doing business in the same store where Pa trades his furs.  The store is full of colorful calicos, kegs of nails, and pails of candy.  "Laura could have looked for weeks and not seen all the things that were in that store.  She had not known there were so many things in the world." 

 Reading this made my heart break for kids today; living in their ihouses in this iworld we have created.  Thankfully, I have managed to keep my kids’ cell phone and ipad free.  My teenage daughters are huge fans of consumerism and have expressed embarrassment because I won’t let them have a cell phone. Today, kids are cool if they have a cell phone and cooler if it is a smart phone.  When I was in school, which wasn’t THAT long ago, it was cool to wear Lucky Jeans and Dr. Martens.

At the store Ma traded for calico; to make Pa shirts, brown denim; for Pa’s jumper, and white cloth; for sheets and underwear.  Then, Pa insisted that Caroline pick a calico to make a new apron.  They also traded for tobacco, tea, and store sugar.  When all the trading was done, the storekeeper gave Mary and Laura each a piece of candy.

I’m sure my followers would be fully entertained if I wrapped my hair up in rags; nonetheless, I think I will use this LHP to complete a rag rug I started this summer AND make an apron out of fabric scraps that are lying around my house.  Molly and Imogene have been neglected, what with all the knitting going on.      

Cutting fabric into 1.5” strips.

Cutting small slits into each end of the fabric strip.

Connect each fabric strip by overlapping two fabric ends at the slit and bringing the opposite end of a strip through the slit forming a loop.

Should look something like this.

Pull tight.

Ta-Daah!  A skein of fabric scrap.  The other alternative is sewing each strip together.  Once you have the fabric cut and connected you are home free.

Rag rug.

A cafe apron made from houndstooth and toile linen scraps.  


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