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Farmer Boy

Chapter 9: Breaking the Calves

Chapter 9 is more of chapter 5.  Almanzo continues to train his calves Bright and Star.  His father helps him braid a whiplash from moosewood that will last until the summer heat dries it out.

We don’t have any calves to train but we do have Princess Buttercup and Padme.  No worries, we don’t whip them; we have two dogs and one leash so I decided to use scrap material to crochet a dog leash.


Cut your scraps into long strips, approximately 2 inches wide, sew the ends together to create one long, continuous strip.  This calico has a little too much stretch; fabric that doesn’t have a lot of stretch is best.


Fold in half and press with an iron.

Crochet a long chain, create a large loop at one end for holding and leave room to tie and sew the hardware that hooks to the dog collar at the other end.  I purchased my hardware at Lowe’s.

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