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Farmer Boy

 Chapter 11: Springtime

It is potato-planting time for the Wilder family.  Little Almanzo drives a team of mares and harrows the field.

 Almanzo was a little soldier in this great battle.  From dawn to dark he worked, from dark to dawn he slept, then he was up again working.

The field was harrowed until all the weeds were killed and the dirt was nice and smooth.  Then Royal and Almanzo took up the last of the potatoes that weren’t sold at the market and cut them into pieces, leaving 2-3 eyes on each piece.

A potato is not a seed; it is part of a potato plant’s root.  Cut it up and plant it, and it will always make more potatoes just like itself.

Well, that is just what I did.  I recently discovered the Japanese sweet potato at a local health food store.  I saved a small portion that had a few eyes and planted it in a pot.  In a few weeks we will dig it out and see if we made anything.  At the very least we grew a pretty plant.

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